Thursday, 15 December 2011


we have decided on Worcester for our location as it is easily assessable and caters for our needs.

We have decided to do all of our still camera shooting in the photography studio at sixth form because it caters for all the equipment and effects we need.


Our friend, Chrissy Bligh, has offered to acting the motion part of the video as the doll who transforms into a human. Chrissy also modelled in our digipak shoot and we found she was easy and outgoing to work with, and have a positive influence on our work.

Time Management

Monday, 5 December 2011

Finished Advert

Here is my finished promotional advert for my digipak, again, I uploaded it to facebook for feedback and advise on my design.

Completed Digipack

Here is my finished Digipak

I uploaded my finished digipak to facebook to receive advise/feedback from the public.


The first part of my progress towards my final piece was the initial photography to work with, so on thursday 24th November, I gathered my resources and took pcitures of the doll we made, named 'tracy' and my friend Chrissy who agreed to be our ragdoll model. This was extremely effective and the costume looked bright and realistic, exactly resembling the dolls. The shoot was a success where I gained the crucial photos I needed to edit. 

Chrissy with the doll, showing the costumes resemblance.

The next part of this was uploading my images to the computer, then transferring them to photoshop so I could edit them. I decided to really emphasise on the colours of the costume and make-up to make the digipak eye catching. Here is a work in progress of my front cover. 
 I decided to keep my typography on the cover simple, yet I still wanted it to seem individual and interesting, so I edited the font to make the under layer brighter, giving the text a 'ghostly' feel, like so.
I thought this typography worked well and seemed to fit in with my initial idea, therefore I decided to carry on with this theme throughout the whole digipak.


For my first plan, I went with my original idea of using subtle images with only slight references to the music video. Like my quick concept idea, I decided to go with the tree theme to connote a connection with the bands name, as well as reflecting their indie/folk genre through scenery and colours.

For my second plan, I decided to gain inspiration from the Eliza Doolittle digipack, including essences such as bright colours and entropic photography to connote the albums meaning and theme. I have here drawn images i think represent the music video, ;like the dolls and characters, to help reflect an idea on what the album contains. Also, by making it bright, i hope that it would stand out when it is for sale, attracting the attention of lots of potential customers.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Print Planning

To start off my print planning, I built up an album cover using stock images I found online to represent the idea I first had in my head. I decided on the large tree to connote a connection with the band name, and the sepia tone to connote their folk/indie genre.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Redundancy and Entropy

Redundancy is a predictable and stereotypical view expressed in a message or an image. The redundant element could be an example of residual ideology connoting a predictable element about the context.

Entropy is an unpredictable and different message or image which makes it stand out from the crowd, it could be an element of emergent ideology resulting in a different view and reaction to residual ideology.

Monday, 17 October 2011

The Pitch

Music Video Idea

For our music video, we have decided to use stop motion to create realistic animation of a doll coming to life, then switching to real life footage of the doll transforming into a human and then lip syncing to the song. This is our basic idea so far which we will work on.

We have decided on this because it hasn't been done before and we were trying to be more creative after a class presentation on the matter.

Ken Robinson did a presentation highlighting the fact that creativity was dying in schools
We learned how to be more creative and to take experimental risks to broadenm our imagination. Me and laura have decided to go with this idea because it is a risk, however its a creative risk that could turn out to be something very good.

Shaking Trees - Pictures

For our main task, we mailed a local band from Bewdley, the Shaking Trees. They gave us permission to use their song 'Pictures' after they had lost the mp3 of their main song 'In my head'.

here is the mp3 of their song for you to listen:

Friday, 30 September 2011

The visuals respond to the music in a disjunctive way, the  band dance and alter their body shape so that its in time with the beat. The video has been shot mostly in stop motion to give it a really jerky, fidgety motion, yet it fits with the unsteady timing and strange instruments the band uses.

The video doesn't follow a particular narrative or a story, instead its choreographed and acted out as a sort of stop motion dance. However, there is an essence of time in the video, as we see the sun go down, the night, then morning again in the video. It follows more of a dance narrative than a story narrative, however its just as visually entertaining as a story would be.

The stars are not representing an image, however from the video they have gained a strong reputation in the music video world for being very visually entertaining as they are always trying to do things that have never been done before. However in this video I think they are representing a subliminal creative image

The whole video appears to be shot in one take, however the video has been edited together using stop motion, there are about 25 photos a second to give the animation a smooth, yet jerky look. The mise en scene of the video is interesting, the stars are dressed in full colour to make them stand out from a distance from when the cameras zoomed out, it adds to the overall creative image of the video.

I think that the video is disjunctive, as the visuals respond to the music in an imaginative, choreographed way, instead of following a narrative imposed by the lyrics. However, the visuals respond to the musics sound and rhythm, with lip syncing and actions, giving the video an amplifying feel to it. 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The visuals respond to the music in a very different way to that the lyrics might suggest. The visuals, like the Florence and the machine video, have nothing to do with the song what so ever. In this case, a mob of gangsters go to battle with a group of clowns. The idea is random, wacky, and makes the video fun to watch and receives a wide variety of emotions and feedback. Personally, I think the video is genius, how they can come up with such a random idea and create it into a fitting music video from the song is very clever.

The video follows the narrative of a mob of clowns attacking a gang of criminals in an abandoned warehouse. The visuals suggest that the clowns grew up with the gangsters, but as they grew up they grew apart and became enemies. The narrative is completely disjunctive to the story the lyrics might suggest, but instead they make up their own story to compliment the style of the music and the beat of the song.

The Arctic Monkeys don't appear in the video, however they wrote it and directed it. They have made their video very violent and angry to capture the attention of a very large male audience. Also, this video is different to all their other videos, so they could of given it a violent image to step away from the crowd and do something creative and different.

The video uses very quick editing to time it with the beat of the music, also I have noticed that the camera is hand held so its shaky and connotes the fear of the visuals. The director has also used a lot of close ups of the action, using a lot of continuity editing and match on action to emphasise the power of the punches and anger. The mise en scene is very different as the costumes for the clowns have been very delicately designed as well as the make up, to make them look angry, instead of happy. there have also been a lot of reactions shots used to connote the emotion caused by the violence, for example, when the clown sets the car on fire at the end, we then get a reaction show of him looking in despair as the car is alight with his old childhood friend (turned enemy) burns to death.

I think that the video is disjunctive, as the visuals don't correspond to the music and lyrics. The idea of the clowns attacking the gangsters was a very individual and creative idea, edited in a way to connote the violence, and to tell a story of childhood friend growing up to hate each other, instead of the meaning the lyrics connote. However I also think the video is amplifying as the editing is in time to the beat of the music, also, the music is very energetic and almost connotes a meaning of violence and anger in the tone and style of the music.

Music Video Analysis 1 - Florence and the Machine, Dog Days

Florence and the machine have decided to go for a completely disjunctional, crazy and positively mad idea for their video,the visuals have nothing to do with the music and the lyrics, florence and the machine have created an interesting video that connotes the indie theme of the music, going for a dreamy, confused character waking up in a sort of wonderland. However, to keep the visuals related to the video the pace of editing is matched to the beat of the music, and also the characters movements and instruments provide us with a visual interpretation of the beat and of the instruments. There is also minimal lip syncing towards the end, which connect the visuals and the audio, as well as her running away, when the song is talking about running, its loosely linked.

The Visuals of the video follow their own narrative, one which is completely different to the ones the lyrics may suggest. The visuals are dreamy, concussed and very minimal, something you would not of guessed when you listened to the song first. It seems to tell the short story of the lead singer, who wakes up dazed and confused, blind folded, and led to a strange camp run by mad clowns and characters. This is portrayed in this way using different camera angles and editing speeds to give you a minimal idea of what is going on.

The star in the video, the lead singer of florence and the machine, is portraying a victimised character, hunted down and chased by clowns. This can be a very scary idea, but presented in a very innocent and curious way due to the use of costumes and the settings in a light wooded area in the daytime.

The cinematography and editing of the video has been times specifically to be in perfect synchronisation with the video itself, connoting a link between the disjunctional visuals and the music. The mise on scene of the video is strange, yet interesting to watch and to view, the costumes are very carefully designed to have a scruffy, worn out look to make them look as if the clowns have been there for a while, parading round in their costumes and make up. The make up is smudged to give the faces a grotty, dirty look, yet still fit the indie genre of the music and the setting the video is filmed in.

I think the music video is disjunctive because the visuals have nothing in common with the sound and the visuals the lyrics may suggest. However i think this video is literal as swell, because the beat is in time with the pace of editing, and in some aspects the actions in the videos follow the lyrics, for example, as she says run, her character in the video starts running. I also think the video has some aspects of a literal video as towards the end there is some lip syncing, not much, but enough to keep us guessing about the genre of the video.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Busted Lip Sync Task

As our preliminary task, we were split into groups to re-create the Busted video 'Thats what I go to school for.'
Here is the finished version.

We have been making these lip syncing videos to introduce us to our main coursework profile, where we will create a whole music video from scratch. This has taught us the introductory skills of creating and editing the video and given us a clear idea of what we will have to do for our main task. Our group has learned that to work efficiently and to a deadline we will have to work in a faster more organised way to get everything finished to meet the deadline.

To research and plan our task, we signed each member of the group to a different job. For example, we had some making a shot by shot story board of the original video, someone writing down costumes and props, others signing people to a roll and directing their actions. However when we came to edit our video we noticed that the timing was out and that the shots didn't match up exactly to the story board. This has taught us that we will require stricter instructions for our next filming task.

To film this task we used HD cameras, this was new to me as I had never used a HD camera to film at all, it was a whole new experience. We had to change the settings in adobe premier in order to edit our film properly. This allowed us to edit our footage at 1080i to give our video a more professionally filmed look.

Bonnie Tyler Lip Sync

As a quick task to introduce us to the new unit, me and Laura filmed ourselves lip syncing to 'total eclipse of the heart' by Bonnie Tyler, and edited the MP3 into our video.

Final Piece


This is a quick mind map we created to show all our ideas

This is a draft we came up with to what we will make for our final piece

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Summer Task

For our summer task, we will be researching different digipacks for CD's, we are also going to be researching the different music genres and the impact it has on the designs. We will use this research to help plan and design our own designs and digipacks for a CD
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