Thursday, 15 December 2011


we have decided on Worcester for our location as it is easily assessable and caters for our needs.

We have decided to do all of our still camera shooting in the photography studio at sixth form because it caters for all the equipment and effects we need.


Our friend, Chrissy Bligh, has offered to acting the motion part of the video as the doll who transforms into a human. Chrissy also modelled in our digipak shoot and we found she was easy and outgoing to work with, and have a positive influence on our work.

Time Management

Monday, 5 December 2011

Finished Advert

Here is my finished promotional advert for my digipak, again, I uploaded it to facebook for feedback and advise on my design.

Completed Digipack

Here is my finished Digipak

I uploaded my finished digipak to facebook to receive advise/feedback from the public.


The first part of my progress towards my final piece was the initial photography to work with, so on thursday 24th November, I gathered my resources and took pcitures of the doll we made, named 'tracy' and my friend Chrissy who agreed to be our ragdoll model. This was extremely effective and the costume looked bright and realistic, exactly resembling the dolls. The shoot was a success where I gained the crucial photos I needed to edit. 

Chrissy with the doll, showing the costumes resemblance.

The next part of this was uploading my images to the computer, then transferring them to photoshop so I could edit them. I decided to really emphasise on the colours of the costume and make-up to make the digipak eye catching. Here is a work in progress of my front cover. 
 I decided to keep my typography on the cover simple, yet I still wanted it to seem individual and interesting, so I edited the font to make the under layer brighter, giving the text a 'ghostly' feel, like so.
I thought this typography worked well and seemed to fit in with my initial idea, therefore I decided to carry on with this theme throughout the whole digipak.


For my first plan, I went with my original idea of using subtle images with only slight references to the music video. Like my quick concept idea, I decided to go with the tree theme to connote a connection with the bands name, as well as reflecting their indie/folk genre through scenery and colours.

For my second plan, I decided to gain inspiration from the Eliza Doolittle digipack, including essences such as bright colours and entropic photography to connote the albums meaning and theme. I have here drawn images i think represent the music video, ;like the dolls and characters, to help reflect an idea on what the album contains. Also, by making it bright, i hope that it would stand out when it is for sale, attracting the attention of lots of potential customers.