Monday, 17 October 2011

The Pitch

Music Video Idea

For our music video, we have decided to use stop motion to create realistic animation of a doll coming to life, then switching to real life footage of the doll transforming into a human and then lip syncing to the song. This is our basic idea so far which we will work on.

We have decided on this because it hasn't been done before and we were trying to be more creative after a class presentation on the matter.

Ken Robinson did a presentation highlighting the fact that creativity was dying in schools
We learned how to be more creative and to take experimental risks to broadenm our imagination. Me and laura have decided to go with this idea because it is a risk, however its a creative risk that could turn out to be something very good.

Shaking Trees - Pictures

For our main task, we mailed a local band from Bewdley, the Shaking Trees. They gave us permission to use their song 'Pictures' after they had lost the mp3 of their main song 'In my head'.

here is the mp3 of their song for you to listen: