Friday, 9 March 2012

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

Once we had finished our music video, we showed it to the rest of our class and got them to write down what they thought of our task. Here is a few notes we collected on our music video.

Also, I filmed two of my peers when i asked them questions on my music video, to record their feedback and criticisms.

what happens in the narrative?

Most people we have gained feedback from have been understanding of the narrative and support its entropic idea, however a few have struggled to understand this, showing that it would of been better to make it more understandable for everyone by showing a stronger story line in the video.

does the performance look convincing?

Overall, they have said that the performance is convincing, as you can see clearly in every shot whats going on and whats happening. On the other hand, again some people have said that its been hard to understand at times and haven't fully embraced the disjunctive nature of the video. They have also said that the video fits in with the house style of the genre and that the video fits with the song.

does it remind you of any other music videos or other texts?

Some people thought our video was very original in some terms, like the mise en scene was very home made and individual to other media products already out there. But a few people pointed on the fact that it was a little bit similar to the Florence and the machine video 'dog days are over' as they were our main inspiration for the task.

would you like to be friends with the people in the video?

The answer to this question was yes and no, as some people had said that they could connect with the character in the video, whilst some people commented on the scary look of the msie en scene and costume that had put them off.

what genre of music do you think the video is appropriate for?

Everyone we gained feedback from stated that the video was suitable for the folk/indie style of the song, however one commented on an alternative genre because of the strong drum beats in the song.

if you could change one thing, what would it be?

Most people commented on our editing speed and how it was slow in some places. We also got comments on how our lip syncing was out of time in specific places due to the actor being partially out of sync with the audio. 

If I could go back and change certain aspects of my video, I would make the narrative easier to understand by paying more attention to the story line, and not getting carried away by using too many cut-away shots. I would also re-film my lip syncing shots to get them exactly in time with the editing to make the video seem more effective and realistic. 

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